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Why Panda Pixel

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All Business Types

We make websites for small independent businesses. We work with a wide range of industries - hairdressers, barbers, personal trainers, dance classes, yoga instructors, restaurants, cafes, life coaches etc. You name it and we can build it!

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Flexible Payment

We offer flexible monthly payment terms. Traditional web design agencies take a massive upfront payment which will hurt your cash flow. We help you get an amazing online presence quickly. You can start growing your business fast without breaking the bank.

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On-Demand Support

We provide unlimited support to update the site. Any time you need a change, let us know and we will help you out. No wasting time on learning how to design, code or learning a complicated backend content management system like Wix or Squarespace.

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We Love To Help Small Businesses Grow

Our mission at Panda Pixel is to help creative business owners stand out and succeed with beautiful online experiences. Our platform allows business owners to get online fast, communicate their services to customers and most importantly drive sales revenue growth.


The Panda Team

Gary MacDonough

Founder & Panda Ops

Liam Doolan

Founder & Pixel Expert

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